Dripdrop Kay Dior Loves Humiliating Her Husband While Getting Fucked by BBC!!

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You hear Kay finally return after her date with the guy she met at the grocery store. She has been gone for so long! Finally you get to have her to yourself! You open the door and you see the guy still there, tonguing down your wife! She tells you that she wants him tonight and not you! ??????? At least she’ll let you watch... They go straight into the room and he immediately shoves his cock down her throat! You can tell she loved that because she immediately starts to passionately suck! He then slowly enters her, rolling his eyes back as she grunts under the pressure of his dick! You reach out to help her through it, but she swats your hand away, cursing you for touching her while she’s in ecstasy!! He fills your wife’s pussy with so much cum! How does this all make you feel?